5 False Beliefs: Is LinkedIn A Waste Of Time?

5 False Beliefs: Is LinkedIn A Waste Of Time?

There are lots of reasons why you should avoid LinkedIn, reasons I hear mostly from entrepreneurs. But with LinkedIn being the largest online business network I cannot agree with those arguments. Let me tell you why.

  • LinkedIn has over 706 million profiles worldwide and growing steadily.
  • 80% of Dutch professionals use LinkedIn for their jobs and/or careers. This means that your customer is using LinkedIn, your competitor uses LinkedIn, need I say more?
  • Google 💙 LinkedIn. Google your name to see in what position Google ranked your LinkedIn profile. What do you see? Imagine your customers seeing this too 👍.
  • It’s easy to make direct contact. Just follow or invite a professional to make a connection.
  • Lots of network building and lead generation, free of charge. 
  • LinkedIn is an extensive database with the contact information of customers as well as expert information. Want to stay on top on your field? Just use LinkedIn!
  • What does it say about you when you are not on LinkedIn? So many people who do use LinkedIn are looking for you or the solution you offer as professional. If you really don’t want to be LinkedIn, make sure you are not ‘a dead end’ for those who use LinkedIn actively as a source for business.
No LinkeIn profile is Dead end for your customers - Road closed- Trudy Pannekeet
Keep the road open for customers to find you

Five beliefs about LinkedIn: True or false?

1. LinkedIn is a CV-platform, only for jobseekers and recruiters

FALSE – Where LinkedIn started as a tool for recruiters, it has become so much more than a CV-platform. It has grown into a huge worldwide business network and an extensive database for professionals. It’s not only suitable for big companies but provides all people a place to learn, to share knowledge and to find opportunities to grow.

2. My customers are not on LinkedIn, why should I?

FALSE – Just investigate and you will find your customers. The constant growth of the amount of LinkedIn users will continually increase your chances of finding your customers on this platform. You will find your competition using LinkedIn. Additionally, LinkedIn profiles score highly on Google. So this is another reason to be active on LinkedIn

3. The more connections the better (the more customers)

TRUE and FALSE – If you are active with a large network, lots of opportunities will offer themselves. Provided that you’ve built a relevant network. Lots of people connect with whomever they come across with the idea that the bigger their network the sooner they will find a new job or new customers. This can work but I believe that quality supersedes quantity. Keep your goals and target group in mind when you invite and accept invitations, as well as when you share your knowledge. No shotgun blast but precisely aimed. And clean up your network from time to time to maintain the quality.

The right message to the right people on the right time and platform: Bingo!

4. Nobody is interested in my story

FALSE – Modesty is a virtue, but everybody has a story to tell. There will always be people interested in your expertise. Not everybody has to be interested, just your customers. Think about what your customer would like to be informed about in your field of expertise and provide that content. 

5. LinkedIn takes so much time

TRUE and FALSE – So much information, so many people, too little time. You can spend your whole day on LinkedIn with reading interesting content or the rubbish some people post. But you have a job to fulfill.

To be successful on LinkedIn you do not have to be all day working on your network and your thought leadership.

It is like with your emails or with meetings. Time box it. Just check and (re)act 1-3 times a day to be up to speed.

So the argument that LinkedIn is too time consuming is not valid. 10 minutes every day (less than with checking your email) should already give you lots of exposure. Just start building your network and get to know the platform.

10 LinkedIn minutes a day

Just one word to set your career in motion

So, did I convince you to use LinkedIn more often? Need a little help?

Start with my 10 tips on how to stand out on LinkedIn [checklist]. It’s not necessary to do it all in one day. Just take your time. Changing 1 word in your headline or adjusting your skills list will already set your career in motion.

Print this checklist and work on it for 10 minutes every day ✅

About Trudy:

I am Trudy Pannekeet, LinkedIn Marketing trainer for entrepreneurs (small business owners and freelancers). I worked as Marketing Communication manager for brands like Gucci Perfumes, Barbie and Fisher Price, and for organic food and natural cosmetics.

Personal contact is key for me on LinkedIn. Quality over quantity. People appreciate my personal and practical methods in my trainings. I familiarize myself very quickly with the customer’s situation. My priority is to activate people. With my customized LinkedIn training I press exactly the right buttons.

LinkedIn-trainer-Trudy-Pannekeet-met-boek-Spring-eruit-met-LinkedIn-Flashback-005-WEBMy first LinkedIn book ‘Spring eruit met LinkedIn’ (ENG: Stand out with LinkedIn) is published end of 2020. It’s a very practical manual; full of instructions, tips, checklists and assignments. With lots of why’s and hows which enables the reader to set fundamental steps towards great visibility online -specifically on LinkedIn- in order to obtain interesting leads.

So how good is your Dutch? (Translation in English is on my wishlist 😊)

Call me if you want to discuss what I can do for you and your company +31 6 238 728 35

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